WORKSHOPS at Beal Cottage with Sandra Brown

Even though many rug hookers are self taught, our rate of improvement increases dramatically as we stretch ourselves into our gifts.  It is a noble goal, working to perfect our craft.  Workshops are an opportunity to study a specialized area while receiving individual attention in a classroom setting in the recently opened Beal Cottage--a one-story mid-century ranch house, five houses down from my own home where we would go for dyeing workshops.

Typically the student is there to begin a new piece, and the combination of an experienced teacher facilitating the student’s hooking while tapping into and husbanding the creative atmosphere one finds in workshops can bolster your sense of accomplishment enormously.  My goal is to get you to where you want to be in your hooked piece and tickle your brain as to the possibilities.

Geometrics, July 24-27, 2024 & September 5-8, 2024

(3 day) 5 person class

A comprehensive workshop on Geometrics, including how to design your own pattern using simple grids and templates, how to examine the myriad possibilities of interpretation using Contrast, Color and Texture, and how to create original rugs that qualify for any fiber exhibit.  

Students will work on a new pattern of their choice--either purchased on their own or designed in the workshop--and spend time in class learning how to color plan, choosing from a large inventory of hand-dyed, smooth, textured and vintage wools (material fee of $80 covers 1 yard of hand-dyed wool + 1 yard fine cut linen). Cut can be anything from #3 to #9 and project can be anything from a small tote bag to a room size rug.

Essentially my goal is to provide you with a systematic way of approaching ANY geometric - not just the one you're working on for this workshop.

The pleasure of Geometrics and their usefulness cannot be overstated—they are functional, a great way to use up your stash and  pull together a room with other hooked rugs. They provide relaxed opportunities to just HOOK and this workshop covers all the the preparatory work.

Hooking Fine-Shaded Flowers: Rose, Morning Glory & Daylily

August 23-25, 2024 (2 day) 5 person class

Students will choose between a classic rose, or two throated flowers (daylily or morning glory) to work on in this 2-day workshop using either a #3 or #4 cut.  Cost of 18 x 18 pattern on fine linen, with wool for flower and leaves included in the class.  

We will be using dip-dyed wools and computer technologies to see exactly where lights and shadows are located in petals and leaves and let the beauty of the wool take us into richly colored flowers with detail and realism.  

Arrive after 3pm, Friday, August 23 - Check in, introductions & discussion of patterns and color plans. Social hour, gourmet dinner provided. Begin choosing wool followed by  slide show discussing how to approach hooking a realistic flower using Contrast, Color Temperature and Intensity, along with computer technologies.  

Saturday, August 24 - Learn the fine art of shading, hooking petals and leaves, breakfast and lunch provided, dinner out at a local restaurant (not included)

Sunday, August 25 - Continue with projects, discuss backgrounds, touch up high lights and shadows, wrap up and settle wool selections after lunch, departure 2pm.  

Cost: $320 + $80 materials fee (includes class fee, double room, breakfasts, snacks, lunches and first evening's dinner, hand-dyed wool for flower and leaves + 18" x 18"pattern. $200 to reserve, and balance of $200 by August 1st.**


Arrive 1pm, Wednesday, July 24 - Check in and set up, introductions & light snack, discuss patterns and goals, begin instruction on designing geometrics, interpretation of design and transferring pattern to backing, then social hour, dinner (included) and continuation of class instruction.

Thursday & Friday, July 25, 26 - Color planning and choosing wool (smooth or textured?), discussing elements like Contrast, color intensity, color crossovers, and with basic prep done, begin hooking.  Breakfast and lunch included, dinner out at a local restaurant (dinner not included).

Saturday, July 27 - Wrap up with projects, wool selections and questions, breakfast included, settle accounts, departure 11am

Cost: $485 + $80 materials fee includes 1/2 yard textured + 1/2 yard smooth wool + 1 yard fine linen, class fee, double room, breakfasts, lunches, snacks, desserts and first evening's dinner. Send check to address below:  $200 to reserve, and balance of $365 by June 30, 2024**

NATURE PATTERNS - August 10 - 13, 2024

(3 day) 5 person class

A micro examination of Nature Patterns and how to translate them into rug hooking pieces, from tea cozies to larger rugs, using from #3 to #7 cut.  The choosing of a perfect pattern from the natural world, the balance of asymmetries and colors using hand-dyed wools, and techniques for hooking progressions of lines to achieve maximum realism will all be covered.  

I have been hooking close-ups of Nature Patterns since the 1980's and two of my pieces have been in Celebrations: "Sycamore" and "Mandarin Goby Fish." A third, "Picasso Bug Tea Cozy" was recently juried into the Mansfield Center for the Arts May Show.  "Nature is all the face of God we will ever see," said Frank Lloyd Wright, and a constant inspiration.  We will explore together with pre-workshop assigments and teacher-student communications.  

Arrive 2pm, Saturday, August 10 - Check in, introductions & social hour, (dinner provided), presentation on basic elements of any good design (Contrast, Color, Cohesion, Balance) with individuals sharing their chosen projects and color planning with hand-dyed wools.

Sunday & Monday - August 11 & 12 - Two full days of class lectures with slides and individual instruction on realistic rendering of nature patterns, breakfast, snacks and lunch provided, dinners out at a local restaurant (not included)

Wednesday, August 13 - Wrap up with projects, questions,  settle up wool selections, brunch included, departure 11am

Cost: $485 + $80 materials fee includes 1/2 yard hand-dyed textured wool, 1/2 yard smooth wool + 1 yard fine linen, class fee, double room, breakfasts and lunches and first evening's dinner. $200 to reserve and balance of $285 by July 15th**

**IMPORTANT - PLEASE NOTE - Since the workshops are small (5 people max), they need to be filled in order to be held.  Students are encouraged to sign up with a rug hooking friend, otherwise a roommate will be assigned since all rooms are doubles.  If the workshop needs to be cancelled by me, your entire deposit and class fee will be refunded.  If you cancel but are able to find a substitute for your place in the workshop, your deposit and class fees will be refunded.  Otherwise, cancelling in the 30 day period prior to workshop means deposit and fees are 50% refunded. After the 30 day prior date there are no refunds unless you can find a replacement.    

A group of five can also arrange for a workshop of their choice, scheduled at everyone's convenience. Turn a gathering of friends into a learning retreat!